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IMG_2413We drove to Fremont, a neighborhood my kids have never seen that’s in Seattle and just 35 minutes from our house, and when we got there and saw the stone troll under the bridge, the tourists pulling over taking selfies, I realized we were tourists now too and that was hard. We went to the Fremont Brewery because I thought it was okay for kids but it really wasn’t; there weren’t any kids, only hipsters with their pints and beards, and Lily standing with her purse and her hair brushed so put together, Charlotte by her side in some electric-peach track suit she just got that didn’t look like it’d been washed yet, no amount of Pacific Northwest in her at all, maybe Florida or Vegas…so we moved on to another place, where they felt comfortable: it even said KID FRIENDLY on the front…and afterwards to the record store by a book shop with all hardbacks so I said go there, they wanted to…and on the way back we drove by the last house Dawn and I rented and I stopped the car with the engine running but couldn’t figure out which was the right one, they’d repainted them all, they took out the porch and pushed the inside of the house out so it didn’t look like it fit right, it made it look smaller, and when I told Dawn later she was sad, the porch was her favorite part…and I went down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos trying to rectify the settings on my DJ quality turntable, the intricate explanations by these guys either geeks or stoners, guys who call it a vinyl community, with electronic scales to weigh the balance of the arm and some debate over the ideal range in grams for the counterweights…and I was about to throw it out the window and give up (Dawn even said OR YOU COULD JUST PUT ON SPOTIFY), but when I got it balanced and dropped it in the groove the first time it sounded really right, you could pick up the small moments in the songs that were meant for that, and it was 7:30 before I started dinner and maybe 9 by the time I served it…and I lay on the sofa after midnight, tried another record but it didn’t work, the anti-skating was off…the needle just wants to go right in the hole sometimes, the centrifugal force…so I put on the radio and turned out the lights and thought back on our day, tried to remember where we were in the week and what we did, decided it was good, and better if I’d write about it in the morning.

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  1. Look at all these people liking your post and not stopping by to leave a comment. Slackers!
    Was listening to Dream Syndicate “Days of Wine and Roses” today and wondered why I knew it so well, because I never owned it. I must have borrowed it and burned it into my head. My head is better than vinyl, but no counterbalance.

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  2. The vinyl community — jeebus. The deviled egg community. The No. 2 pencil community. The slide rule community. The Bogus Community community.

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  3. I make fun of my brother in-law and his fiancee for wanting a turntable and records, but I am secretly envious. My dad used to let me play around on his and play his old records (a lot of Heart, Santanna, and Pink Floyd). There’s something very endearing about, what David Cross would refer to, as the “pops and snaps and that shit.”

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    • The pops and snaps are ok, almost good, the scratchy distortion from a new, high-end player and new, expensive records, is not. Having to get our levels and scales, I don’t know. Spotify. Aim your phone at the Bluetooth and call it good. Fidelity this you know.


  4. and sometimes it’s good just to hold the recent memories in your head for a while before you put them down in print.

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  5. I took my kids to Disneyworld last fall. It was the food and wine festival and I thought it’d be okay because it was Disney but it wasn’t. Liquor, ultimately, ruins everything.

    Nice stream here.


    • That’s kind of too bad. They have beer and booze and amusement park rides at the Oktoberfest celebrations in Germany, but I wonder if we Americans kind of go overboard by comparison. Thanks, glad you liked the stream.


  6. Sounds like my other half vanishing down the Youtube rabbit hole to cure some glitch on his mixing software – you can be lost there for hours! Though, where owuld we be without these geeks and stoners who are prepared to spend hours sharing what they’ve learnt. A dodgy turntable is frustrating – not surprised you wanted to chuck it. loved Dawn’s solution, though – made me laugh 🙂

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    • My frustration just maps back to impatience, ignorance…but as your husband could probably relate to, getting sensitive things precise and just right really makes a difference if you’re into fidelity or high quality media. There you have it, geeks and stoners.

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