I sat on the edge of my hot tub naked

img_6369I sat on the edge of my hot tub naked
toweling off five minutes
to four
and thought
one day
I will look back on this
and remember it better than it is now.

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  1. our memories tend to romanticize what is in the past and to let us view things through a soft focus vaseline lens.

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  2. Ha! That raised a smile. I should print it and stick on my fridge so I don’t forget it, right?

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  3. It’s so true! We so often remember happy events more fondly than when they actually occurred. And if it was a “mindful moment” where you were experiencing bliss that led to this poem? You have memorialized it. Hopefully it does remain happy for always. 🙂

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    • Yes, and I was being cheeky. I am all about the mindful moments as you say; it’s the crux of my life! Thanks for the well wishes. Good to be a clown sometimes I think. Bill


  4. Such a lovely poem.


  5. Ha! So true abou so many things in life. And the opposite is true too. I hate the vagueness of memories, the way I can’t quite remember what it’s like to hold my son as a baby or what it was like when I first met my other half and fell in love. I know the facts of these events, but the emotional hit is gone. Heartbreaking in a way


    • It is a bit heartbreaking. I like accepting that though, as a challenge to suck up every moment we can. So much disappears…it has to…only so much space on our hard drives, right? Fun exercise to retell some of those epic stories, though. And we were in shock as young parents probably too, somewhat traumatized, bewildered, unable to assimilate all that was happening. Nature protecting us from losing our blinking minds! — Bill

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      • So true. Nature protects us really. We forget pain easily, forget how thoroughly knackered we are with a newborn in the house and a good thing too or no one would have more than one kid – ever! 🙂


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