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‘Reentry Burns,’ coming back to America

When I got back from Germany Dawn met me at the airport and we went for lunch at the brewhouse. The bathroom smelled the same as it always did and I think the bartender recognized me, even though we’d been … Continue reading

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Anthony’s Navel: Mark Paxson, growing up with Miami Vice

Happy Saturday and thanks to Mark Paxson, or King Midget, for this week’s guest post series where we’re featuring favorite songs, films and books from our past. Enjoy Mark’s piece below and follow his blog to hear more of his stories. … Continue reading

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‘The heart lies somewhere I can’t reach’

Hey! It’s almost the end of April. It has 30 days. I rarely go back to my old posts or reblog them but this week is special, because it marks the anniversary we moved back to the States after nine … Continue reading

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‘Here always is,’ on parenting

And there was the time I got arrested for furnishing alcohol to minors and underaged drinking—and you wouldn’t think you could be guilty of both, but that’s the law. The night I called my parents late from Erie, PA (from … Continue reading

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Fallen, moss-covered tree in the aspect of a dog

There was nothing more of it left at the end, the day got sanded down to a pile of dust smaller than the shape it started. The dishwasher ran and the rain looked to stop for a minute, but only … Continue reading

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Fireflies trapped in a jar, the days, prose

Some of the days flew by so fast, others you could trap in a jar. They were on the internet or in your computer on a spinning carousel, going back as far as you could right up to the present. … Continue reading

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Bluetooth speaker inside rusted copper resonating bowl

Lily and I moved to opposite corners of the hot tub. Because it’s outside and we live in the Pacific Northwest, the underside of the cover attracts slugs and undesirable life. I’ve started using bromine tabs indiscriminately, I just dump … Continue reading

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