32/30, more like 34

Harry Potter tour, Edinburgh Nov. ’16

The jeans were getting harder to get into and the beers harder to get out of. The beers were getting easier to get into and the jeans to get out of.

The reclining chair was bent and sagged but I pulled it into the driveway for what light there was, mid-afternoon.

I opened the pod doors and put on New Order and it felt dated, like me.

Spring got pushed into the mud again by winter, taunted and bullied.

Dawn and I cuddled in the morning for a moment lying there, wondering when it would end.

I noticed my forehead more each morning as I slapped cold water on my face in the hand sink.

Driving home from work I thought about my old car and like my body, I would drive it into the ground. Lights not working like they should, false warnings. Still a good car, a good frame. Try running into it, good luck.

And I continued to work on the “care but don’t care” balance with work. And smiled and thought all this is temporary. What writing I can make, what love and kindness, I want that to stay.

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  1. Ha! Just got it– the title is your jeans size!

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  2. My 34s are starting to feel a little oppressive. And yes New Order feels dated, which is exactly why I like to listen to them sometimes. I remember thinking The Promise by When In Rome was a terrible choice for my high school class song, a one-hit-wonder that would disappear and never be heard again. Lo and behold, it’s still around, and nothing time travels me back to 1989 like that song. Whoever picked that one…genius pick. Well done.

    I’m working on the care but don’t mindset too. It’s not just temporary, a lot of it doesn’t really matter.

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  3. i’m assuming 34 is your bust size? ) and you have the right things in mind that should stay, the hair can go when it is ready –


  4. I was 32/32 for quite awhile. Then I went to 34/32 probably 15 or 20 years ago. I’ve managed to stay there. But if I don’t get running again it may not last much longer.

    And, yes, the beer.

    And you’re not even 50 yet. 😉

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  5. “Spring got pushed into the mud again by winter” I especially liked this line, but a great piece altogether.

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  6. Glad to hear you’re in the 34 Club too, Bill. It’s a good place to be. Neither too fat nor too lean.

    Speaking of dated music, I was at the dentist yesterday and they must have had their Sirius tuned to some kind of Soft Seventies: Seals and Croft, Starland Vocal Band, King Harvest (“Dancing in the Moonlight”). I thought for a minute that I had died and gone straight to Hell!

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    • “Afternoon Delight” helped make the 70s great. Such lovely cheese, from the same decade that brought us ball-busters like “Shot Down in Flames” by AC/DC. What’s not to love?

      I need to get back to the 32-34 zone, since all my pants are 34s and I remember my dad and his friends from when I was a kid, looking at them and going ‘that will never be me.’

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    • Something darkly ironic and soothing about dental chair tunes, especially the kind you describe. Always feels cinematic to me, in a Tarantino way. Bill


      • Absolutely. I can see Tarantino appreciating the irony in those songs accompanying a screaming drill.

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      • I do like that in him. Not a fan of him I general but man, that Pulp Fiction was quite something. Don’t need to see it again,better left perfect in memory.

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      • I was on the edge of my seat when I saw Pulp Fiction in the theater back in the day. That was greatness. Looking back, much of it was over the top nonsense, but that was a groundbreaking movie for its time. The structure and the dialogue broke the mold, and influenced tons of other movies in the years to come. It holds up pretty well, on repeat, I’d say, though everything he’s done since has been underwhelming. He peaked early, and didn’t really show any potential for growth afterwards.

        I didn’t mean to get into all that though. Just came back to say heck yeah, 70s! Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Carpenters, Starlight Vocal Band, roller skates, the American Freedom Train… loving it all now, though I didn’t necessarily at the time.

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      • I have to say, I didn’t understand or appreciate Tom Petty even, took him for granted. Every day needs its Dylan, Dylan to your Guthrie. Nice to riff on that film with you, thanks for sharing. Sun set on Whidbey Island, birds going at it, wind and chimes kicking up. Bill

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