‘The heart lies somewhere I can’t reach’

Hey! It’s almost the end of April. It has 30 days.

I rarely go back to my old posts or reblog them but this week is special, because it marks the anniversary we moved back to the States after nine months in Europe, last year.

So in some ways, it’s really over now, a year later. Why is that? Why do anniversaries feel that way?

I’m glad for some readers who have come along since then and realize it may be confusing when I refer back to times we spent in Germany, living with my mom. And for my dear friends and readers who have followed me since then, why not share some nostalgia with me and read one from last year, and your nice comments. Happy Friday…Bill


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  1. You’ve been back a year already? This is troublesome for me, as it seems like just a couple of months since you got back, and I felt sad for us both when you came back, because I wanted you to continue your adventure, which I didn’t want you to start to begin with for fear of you losing touch with us while you were gone, and clearly I’m a little weird and also time moves way too fast the older you get.

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    • This is the day. Happy you can celebrate with me. You were a key figure in my “universal theme” exploration 😎thanks for being there and here, both. Come visit your brother and me this summer.


      • Thought about that many times, need to do that. Shorter drive from him to you than from my house to work each day. He’s coming here in late June/early July, since his wife’s family is down the road a piece in Houston, but I need to get up there, seeing as how I never have.

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      • Man I’ll make it worth your while. You can bring that cd back if you don’t like it. I just paid $42 on Amazon this week for the vinyl and it doesn’t even have the lyric sheet. Do it. Mean it.


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