Splendid story of The Grateful Dead, and website, Vinyl Connection. Enjoy, music fans.

Here’s a poser for you.

Link Nirvana with The Grateful Dead in three steps.

Time’s up.

1. Kurt Cobain’s partner was Courtney Love. (Some implicate her in his death)

2. Courtney Love is the daughter of Hank Harrison. (Estranged daughter. Dad is one of those who blamed her for Cobain’s suicide)

3. Harrison has written several books on the Grateful Dead.

Hank Harrison was a college room-mate of Phil Lesh (Dead bass player), very briefly managed The Warlocks (the band’s previous name) and was an active member of the San Francisco scene of the mid-60s. Through entangled share houses, oceans of drugs, be-ins, happenings and countless concerts, Harrison observed, noted and collected the memories and memorabilia he would convert into books.

In his 1973* stream-of-consciousness mental screenplay/book Harrison tells the story of the band’s name. As it is a moniker encapsulating the mystery and ambiguity of the band, it’s…

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