Portrait of a spider trapped in my sink

I’m not afraid of you spider
though you are ugly, you look
different than me

I know the care you take
to build your webs
with the lace
from your body
you lay traps
to feed yourself
(as a writer, I relate)

At the end of the day
when you are still
stuck on the wall
of my sink
I will free you with my wooden spoon
and lay you on the counter
safe from my kids,
who will fear you,
want you dead:

Though it will be hard, it never
works, I will try to make them see
your precious life
so they will see themselves
in you,
and realize
we’re the same.

Photo by Jon Sullivan, “Spinnennetzpd,” 2005 — public domain.

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20 replies

  1. Now that’s a lovely piece. The lace from your body – gorgeous line
    And it’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Went out into the garden this afternoon and no matter how I tried to avoid them, I still ended up with silk and spiders hanging from my hair. I swept them up and put them back in the trees and shrubs – no arachnophobe I. I’m quite happy to have them out there, hanging fat as blueberries, I just wish they wouldn’t eat the honey bees!

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  2. Yeah, I always try to spare the spiders if I can, unless they look like the dangerous kind. I have a little plastic cup for the purpose. In you go, matey!

    But since you clued me in on the metaphor earlier, I don’t know if I can be magnanimous for much longer … 🕷= alt-right. How about ctrl-alt-delete?


  3. i’m okay with them unless they are crunchy or hairy. nice piece, bill


  4. Laying traps to feed yourself… like a writer. Oo, I like that one.


  5. Kill it with fire! I couldn’t even open this post because I could see what I knew to be a picture of a spider. Sorry. (I always feel guilty about [asking someone else to] kill them though, does that count?)

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    • Ha, that’s okay Cali. I did think about what images of a spider would do for my chances to have people read this but I went for it despite…I get it, they are kind of creepy. I actually take issue with millipedes.


  6. My wife will always push to catch and release any critters that get in the house, while I’m of a mind to kill anything that enters without my consent. She’s a much better, more well-adjusted person than me, my wife. But I’m learning.

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  7. Love this. I dated a man who had a pet tarantula so I’m not afraid of spiders. He was less ‘hairy’ and more ‘fluffy’, like a cat! I could actually pet him. Poor guy was scared of us when we took him out of that aquarium, though. So we only did it once so I could experience him and get past my fear.
    Love the line about ‘lace from your body’ too!

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