Wednesday’s twilight anthem

The Jupiter’s Beard is fanned-out pornographic in our front yard, exposed to the root. And the grass is so dead, it’s what Gregg Allman’s beard must have looked like before he died, the same gold-straw color, drawn out thick. It’s the low, they say: the low pressure system that makes us feel this way. We sat in a conference room for six hours and got a fair amount done but it’s not as much as you’d think, for having sat there so long. We booked our flights to Europe and mapped out distances in London, then scanned for good rates. I’ve had bad luck getting there so I’m not going to get my hopes up, though we’re supposed to leave in two weeks for Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Stuttgart. Things change too fast for me to believe it will actually happen until it does, and I’m there. But we have fresh hops at least, this time of year! The local brewery kicks them out every week by strain type and species and my friends Mike and Anthony start text chains describing the flavor notes and what they’re “getting,” and I have to laugh. This is what Starbucks did to us in the ’90s! We all want something served up for us, in limited supply. I went back to the Whole Foods and spent $89 on just one bag, got a scarf for Dawn I thought she’d like, a small pumpkin by the checkout as a peace offering for Charlotte, for all our morning/evening fights of late and because I love her, thought it might help. The low’s moving out and the sky’s gone Maxfield Parrish with the brilliant blue, the puffy white clouds tinged with peach. I went back to Scotland on my walk to the lake, the moody tufts of fog across the water, two years now since our last visit there but not too long before I’d be back. Now on my evening walk it’s the smell of wood-fires in the air that beats back the damp and gives us a reason to be again, for the season.

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  1. Hitting the road again, eh? That means more excellent travel writing for us!

    I lived on a small Sonoma County farm for a couple of years and grew my own hops when I was messing around with home brew. Boy were those fresh hops amazing! I don’t remember how the batch of beer turned out, but it was nice knowing my own Cascades were in it.

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    • Ha! That’s neat you played around with home brewing, how cool. I’m enjoying a fresh hop now! Amarillo. Yes, hopeful for the travel and feel I need a creative jumpstart, even though I’m going for work and will be quite busy. Still something about that great, Euro vibe.


  2. More travel. I have trouble getting to Vermont these days.


  3. Nice Bill! Enjoy your trip and the softer seasonal weather. Feels great, doesn’t it?

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  4. Love the pumpkin peace offering – just because – and those meanderings through shops and lakes and speculative European excursions. Hope you make it – though you always seem to come when the weather is chill. You just love those cool, damp days don’t you?

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    • I do love the damp, it’s true. And this travel itinerary now for work is so uncertain, as of this week it could be Oslo instead of Amsterdam, will just have to see. Oslo has me thinking I could justify buying a new fleece jacket however 🤔

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      • Sounds all a bit random and off the cuff! Who knows where you could be by the end of the week. Kind of exciting if you’re used to travel, though I’m sure it would give me sleepless nights! Happy trails


  5. The apparent ease with which you toss off a travel itinerary; I must be jealous. I find even the imagining of serious travel challenging, these days.

    Wasn’t always that way of course.

    Once I went to Vermont and laid a live CD-R at the foot of the Trey Anastasio statue. Surprised it was paper mâché.

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  6. Bill, the richness of description of the environment, in any scene, always leaves me with a strong residual sense of what I might experience if I were in any of the settings you describe. You transport the reader to that moment, that place and that experience and the senses retain that lingering delight. Always a joy to read. Dean.

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  7. give a call when you get to Stuttgart, Bill!


  8. Are you traveling abroad with the family again? Or for biz? I’m only in the blog world peripherally (as is evidenced by the infrequency of my posts) and might’ve missed an early episode.

    Man, I love the change of a season. I feel life’s momentum. I lived in Phoenix for 18 months. The sameness felt so stale.

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    • That next travel would be for me with my work client. We plan to go back to Germany as a family for the month of December. Yes, I’m only in this world peripherally too, but glad we get to meet up periodically! No thanks, Phoenix. The seasons are cool.


  9. Bill, nice post, makes me want to be at my wilderness retreat, resplendent in the reds and golds and browns of Fall. Need to connect with you – am leaving Sunday for the Great Bear Rain Forest, and will be back in town later in the week. October is getting booked up – are around Friday 10/6 and Saturday 10/7? Will give you a call later this week – am also wondering if you still need a house-sitter for December, as I am still planning on moving out of Ann’s and am working on the timing of that.


    On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 5:04 AM, William Pearse | pinklightsabre wrote:

    > pinklightsabre posted: “The Jupiter’s Beard is fanned-out pornographic in > our front yard, exposed to the root. And the grass is so dead, it’s what > Gregg Allman’s beard must have looked like before he died, the same > gold-straw color, drawn out thick. It’s the low, they say: the l” >


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