The jagged blades the thin white veil

In the gray light
of morning
the thin grass
the snow,
the barn in the back,
the sound of the heat
the vents,
the coffeemaker,
the keys
like teeth
when I type:
they all say
when there’s nothing
left to be


Written for a Joy Division poster I had in the ’90s.

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11 replies

  1. I never thought of using an old “Joy Division” poster for inspiration by it really worked for you. Cool poster too.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Shalken, Joy Division. Loving your thirst for inspiration. With a bit of luck it might inspire others (not looking at any mirror in particular).

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  3. A poster outfit used to come to my university during opening week or so and make a killing. Mine included an image of Brooklyn Bridge and “Guernica” — both long gone. Like my youth.


    • Ah, the poster outfits. Right, that makes sense. Funny, a while back you made an autumn music mix for me. I put it on my phone to listen to in my car and have been, and enjoying it. So you are remembered here, in peculiar ways, considering…well, the nature of things. I just started making the gravy, and the house is full of that smell, and it’s making me hungry.

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  4. my daughter worked summers for one of those ‘poster outfits’ that ross mentioned. crisscrossing across the country with a friend in a truck, what an adventure –


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