No Christmas in Germany (11 Dezember)

“Love peace”

Charlotte and Eberhard made stress balls with balloons and filled them with flour but had an accident and it went everywhere—the cleaning lady had just come, and wouldn’t be back for a week. Eberhard demonstrated how you could get the balloon to puff up by attaching it to the top of a carbonated bottle of water and shaking it, which worked for a time before it just went limp for reasons no one could explain. Then after dinner AC/DC came on, and Eberhard demonstrated the Angus Young way of hop-kicking across the stage while playing air guitar and making a wanton face. Everyone laughed. I cooked a small chicken en cocotte on low heat with just a couple rosemary sprigs, a small onion and garlic: after the first helping Eberhard quickly went back for more and returned to the table with parts of the chicken I wouldn’t have thought to eat, sat in the dark shaking his head it was so good, licking his fingers, eating mostly with his hands. There was an argument between him and my mom about Cat Stevens’ real first name before he went Muslim I stayed out of. In the morning Eberhard only had time for a cup of tea before heading back to his mother’s. The sky went a pale color and I watched it from the sofa, then took a walk back up the Himmelsleiter. The chicken was so good we decided to repeat it with pork, but mom and Dawn weren’t sure about the right cut so I had to get it myself at the butcher (the Metzger). After drying it from the brine I cut a slit in the side that looked like a mouth and put my hand in it like a puppet. It got so dark by 3 I lit some candles and poured a red wine, gathered up Charlotte’s stress balls, and when the door bell rang I ignored it.

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  1. A lot going on here. Eberhard! Eberhard! More Eberhard!

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  2. I always enjoy reminders that there is an Eberhard out there being Eberhard.

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  3. I love the different atmospheres you are conjuring in these pieces – layer on layer. Like a good marinade. Well something like that. I’m picturing you with your fist inside a pork joint.

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    • Ah, the fist in the pork joint image, works every time. But seriously, as a cook you might appreciate the act of stuffing a roast with an herb paste and tying it up. It’s a bit of work, I hadn’t done it for a while, but it turned out OK. Except the pork was too salty and had the quality of ham, which makes me wonder if I got the wrong cut. There was an exchange with the woman who works at the butcher I didn’t altogether follow as it was in German, though it looked like a loin roast from the outside! Thanks for reading Tish. Bill

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  4. Not central to my thinking, but how do you get flour into a balloon? It sounds like one of those punishments the Greek gods were so fond of, like that guy rolling a boulder up the hill for eternity, or bailing with sieves, etc. Don’t they have any secondhand blutwursts or something that would serve, I guess that idea was suggested by the pork meat puppet.
    I’m enjoying these spare daily posts.

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    • Well funny you should ask about the flour-conveyance-to-the-balloon problem: Eberhard fashioned a paper funnel to do the job. Charlotte tried a tiny, empty bottle used for lemon bitters or something that didn’t quite work. I’m happy you’re enjoying the spare daily posts, thank you. Maybe I shouldn’t be encouraged but if I am to, you’re partly to blame.

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  5. Angus – more wonton than wanton.
    Cat – more Steven than Yusef.


    • I hadn’t used the word wanton in a while, kind of know it most from the Zeppelin song. So I checked my spelling and started wrong, with wonton. And funny you say that about him. Seems a bit of a wanker. Cat, not so much. My step-dad John lived next to him in London and was a studio sweetener for Island, so he did the guitar piece on Peace Train, so I I understand. All the people we used to know, they’re an illusion to me now.

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  1. No Christmas in Germany (11 Dezember) — William Pearse | pinklightsabre –

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