Discreet Music | January 7, 2018

The dog’s hind leg shifts like a coal in the wood stove, stirs, then settles in. It’s Sunday and I vowed to cook, read, build a fire and that’s it. Spent half of it online reading consumer reviews of cars and talking on the phone to my mom, my dad, my friend Loren in that order. The consumer reviews left me sick-feeling with doubt and suspicion. Some are written in all capitals; most have mis-spellings. They’re “dissappointed” or the frame is too “hevey” for a sports car. They can afford a car like that but can’t afford to spell. I don’t even mention to my dad I’m looking at a Mercedes; he recommends a Rav-4. When I talk cars with my advisor-friend Andrew it’s “a work of art” we’re buying into, not a car. It feels rife with bad judgment, clouds in the crystal ball, exploding towers in the Tarot. The “mid-life crisis car,” better than a 22-year-old blonde, Dawn says. (More reliable?)

I’ll fix dinner, ice my back from pulling it out with the CEO luggage from the meeting Friday. Haven’t walked to the lake this week, it’s all damp and gray and the lawns are matted down with embryonic fluid. I bought a large bottle of beer and put it in a ceramic cup from the Zunftmarkt in Bad Wimpfen, that August festival two, three years ago. I tried writing a post mostly on my phone and this one, long hand, to a Brian Eno song called The Quiet Club that’s an hour long with no words. Can you call it a song if there’s no singing, or is that a piece?

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  1. I share your appall at mispellings – seems to be a growing trend. Yuck!
    On the other hand, I love my Rav4. (I’ve not yet owned a Mercedes …)

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    • Ha, thanks my friend…I’m a bit of a dork about it. Studied English in college and try to hold others to a similar standard. But my math is deplorable I tell you that! Glad the RAV4 is working for you; somehow the “mid-life crisis” car defies common sense.

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  2. yes, i think ‘mid-life crisis’ belies doing anything that might have to do with logic or practicality –

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  3. Oh you English majors, too hevey-handed, man. I kind of like the extra “sss” in “dissappointed” like Harry Potter talking Parslemouth to the snakes. I always add an extra “L” to “Paralllel” just to emphasize the concept.
    RAV-4 vs a Mercedes is an unusual debate. Tesla?? Oslo had a couple parked on every block (??), one of my dream vehicles.
    By the way, I was at Niagara Falls last weekend, and the Tesla statue seems to be missing from the park on the American side. It’s not a good monument — I think he’s supposed to be looking at blueprints, but it looks too much like someone in a men’s room reading the newspaper. But he was a hero to my grandfather, so I hope he hasn’t been disappeared for some reason. Is electricity = fake news now?

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  4. Might I suggest a 1972 VW Squareback?


  5. The car and the blonde are mutually exclusive? Now I have to review my options.

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  6. I was an English minor, which I like to think entitles me to say I’m appropriately respectful but not overly militant. Still a dork and bad company though.

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  7. 2 cents from a lowly dirt farmer, our 1997 Honda Odyssey is a beast! These new machines got AI spooks in em, sucks your soul out through that dashboard interface, and they lose like 15% of their value second they’re off the lot. So be careful, one day your gently caressing some nice new leather, next day you’re running for you life in a netherworld.

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  8. Oh oh, going to have to watch that spelling even more closely. It’s my Achilles heel, foot, and shin – thank God for Grammarly else the world would think my literacy level would be akin to the Tweeter in Chief.

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    • You do just fine. More admirable if it’s hard too. I’m that way with math, deplorable. And that’s French..right? So I can say that about my French to the French and they understand. It’s deplorable. Roll it at the end 😋

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  9. Enjoyable “piece” enhanced by the comments.

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