A piece of Richard Brautigan (for Loren)

The cat’s eyes have gone cloudy, or maybe it’s just my imagination. She spends most nights in the garage, which would explain the need for a thicker coat. And in the morning she pulls a pipe cleaner out of the basket with the other toys and terrorizes it, dreaming of a bird to kill, chewing on the spine.

January, the Monday of all months, a good time for reckoning, for cod liver oil. It comes lemon-scented or straight and I take it as intended, and it tastes just like I put a fish in my mouth, uncooked.

Richard Brautigan, the poet from the 60s, writes about his time in Japan: fish for breakfast, fish for lunch, fish all day. Fried, pickled, uncooked. Richard, so much of himself on the page: a good place to start, not enough to end.

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  1. I read A Confederate General in Big Sur and In Watermelon Sugar as a young girl. Maybe I need to revisit those and check out a few others. I didn’t realize he was such a prolific writer. Something different would be nice about now, in this Monday of all months. Nice!

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  2. The Confederate General was the only Brautigan I’ve read, I was attracted by the title and the painting on the cover. It was a fun strange read, I hadn’t even known he was a poet, I see he did a gothic spoof, I’ll have to get a copy

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  3. “January is the Monday of months.” I’ve never thought of it that way, but you’re right!

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  4. Do you know about Brautigan’s Please Plant This Book? Fantastic. A rare and expensive collectable. Eight seed packets with a poem on each packet. The idea was to plant the seeds, which many people did. That’s why a full set is rare and expensive. The edition was about 1,500. None for sale. All given away free.


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    • Yes, I had heard about that. This one I’m finishing is The Tokyo-Montana Express. I think I like the goofy openness in his voice the most, the fact a good portion of it seems nonsensical and unapologetically so. I can relate to that maybe. Something about one’s freak flag. He waves his pole there pretty proudly.

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