The super, blue, blood moon blues

We got up at 4:30 to watch it, but it was all cloudy. “Discreet music,” I guess.

So much for January.

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  1. There’s a lesson in there somewhere. Is it Metaphor Wednesday?

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  2. Same here! Damn clouds. Wife and I standing there freezing our asses off in our pajamas, can’t see shit! And a Super Blue Blood Moon, sounded so phenomenal.

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  3. Massive fog here in Sacramento over night. So much for a once every few decades event.


  4. I got up early and actually saw it, but it wasn’t red or copper-colored … it was frickin’ brown. Got back in bed …


  5. That’s a big ol’ ditto, excepting that we didn’t try until 6:30 our time.

    “Life is a series of down endings.”
    -Some genius

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  6. no worries at all, just try again in 150 years. put it on your calendar.

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  7. I missed it too. Cloud cover. Super blue blood moons should try harder

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