One Saturday in May, with ’77 million paintings’ playing

The cottonwood started falling and now it feels like we’re in a snow globe that won’t stop. Charlotte and I went to the aquarium and looked at the octopus, its sheep eyes, the valves where the cheeks would be, opening and closing in slow motion. I bought her a book about mermaids and we sat watching deaf tourists sign to one another, people taking selfies with scuba divers in the background waving. The deep-sea coral, the spotted lagoon jelly. It was only 10:30 and we were ready to go, both of us sleepy. We took the 99 south to Royal Brougham and I pointed out the building where I used to work, the Starbucks, the mermaid painted on the parking deck. And then we parked and walked to the bakery, and I said she could get whatever she wanted so she did, and we sat in the corner killing time, watching people with their newspapers. And then we drove to the Silver Platter record store and I asked the effeminate cashier if they had the new, nine-disc Brian Eno collection and he lit up, ‘why let me check…,’ and we talked and talked and talked while Charlotte used the bathroom, and it was $249 but I bought it anyway. Limited edition, collectible. Sixty-four page, color book. The cottonwood started, angled sideways; I redeemed my code for the digital download and sat with my laptop by the grill out back with Eno and the birds, a woodpecker, me swinging in the hammock, nodding off, knowing when I woke it would be time to catch a Lyft to the Roanoke, to meet Walt Walker.

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  1. You have reached maximum ambience …

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  2. So that’s what I was driving through, cottonwood! I wanted to turn on the wipers, it did feel snow globey.

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  3. Well done! Money gets a bad rap, as far as songs go. I like it. It’s one of the few rock numbers featuring a sax that I won’t throw a penalty flag on.

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    • Well you have a suitably somber morning weather-wise for your journey. You see why I am the way I am? Stick around long enough you’ll start writing more poetry.


  4. That sounds like quite the day. (Sneezy cottonwood not withstanding!)

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  5. It’s these lazy days that will resonate with her in the future. Grand schemes are important but the zen of killing time in an unplanned manner is where the rubber meets the road.


    • I know, I hope. I get some damn sentimental about these things. Don’t spend enough time together. Hey, I bought this Eno box set on his art installations and thought of you; think you’d love the premise and the book that comes with it, that describes all the art things he did. Remarkable.


  6. I hope that clerk gets a commission.

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