Around this time of day my eye starts to twitch and I have to hold it to make it stop. There’s the old wall clock in the living room that’s slow, needs help keeping up – then the clock in the den, I sometimes get them to chime at the same time. The trees outside make cutouts of the sky with the gray and pink shapes behind them. It’s that time of year it’s hard for us to stay up past dark. The birds have us up before 5, and start like the clocks right on cue. The coffee maker goes off and there’s work to be done, and I have to get up so I can walk before work, maybe write. I feel myself slowing down, and see it through the way others see me. It’s these swirling patterns that tighten and narrow our worlds. Why going away feels like it extends time by uncoiling us, how we see things. Why, like my dog, I have to circle clockwise three times before I can settle down: some learned trait to check my circumference before I’m able to rest. And like my dog there’s nothing really to worry about, but I still find a reason. I gave myself until 8 to end this post and I’ve read and reread it, but now I’ve lost the thread. It’s time to settle in, goodnight.

Photo by Loren Chasse, Wilhelm’s Mausoleum, Portland.

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  1. Took my kid to the doctor today. Doctor came in fast, moved fast, talked fast, left fast, came back fast again. And he was so loud. I kept wishing he’d slow it down a little.

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  2. A pas de deux – you and the dog checking your circumferences to the sound of clocks out of time and synchronicity. NICE!


  3. “Nothing really to worry about” made me chuckle.

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  4. and tomorrow, you’ll get up and do it all again


  5. Clock synchronization. Isn’t that a thing o’ the past? I wish I still had the pocket watch my first girlfriend gave me, even though it made me look mighty pretentious. Today we were walking in town and saw a worker trying to synchronize the four clocks on the four sides of the clock tower. Each face had a different time.

    Have a swell weekend up north, amigo!

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  6. “Check my circumference before I’m able to rest” – that’s brilliant. Often I’m dizzy from my circling.
    Hope the weekend is good, Bill.

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