One commitment (for August)

IMG_4540In the morning before the sun is up,
when the cloud deck makes the light go soft and pale,
the grass is the color of straw
dried-out and sharp,
golden red.

The lawn sprinklers wake spitting and cussing,
and the first anglers at the lake are silent
and still, standing above their lines.

Some birds are out peeping and collecting
like me:
here, last month’s blackberries
that started out green fists
are now Royal-blue.

Summer loafs all day on its sofa
not knowing one commitment,
not thinking it will ever
have to leave.

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14 replies

  1. Excellent!!! The sprinklers waking up, and Summer loafing. You could slide these lines right into Gershwin’s “Summertime.” Really love this.

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    • Ha, we listened to that song with Elle/Louie the other night! Will do so again, this evening. Happy you loved it Robert, thanks for letting me know! I swear those lawn sprinklers sound pissed when they start, like “not again…”

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      • Do you know they make sprinklers with motion detectors built in? We had one when I was a kid, to keep the cats, coons, etc. from killing all the frogs in the frog pond. And you’re right, when they kick on, they do sound like they’re pissed and spitting through clenched teeth.

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      • I did not know that! Love it. Wish we had that at our pond in West Seattle. The coons were hard on our fish, and expensive pond plants. Midnight salad bar!

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      • Yeah, when I used to visit my aunt in Maryland, the herons were raiding her neighbor’s koi pond, they’d flap away, and the neighbor would be yelling “Nooo! Not Asahi, he was 200 bucks!”
        The key thing with the motion sprinkler, is to remember where you put it. So if you walk through the yard at night, it doesn’t soak you, and then you forget, and do it again. Six or seven times in one summer.


      • Good to keep the drunks from stealing our lawn balls / gazing globes, too.

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      • I’m really glad to know this about the motion detecting sprinklers. While walking my dogs the other day, he chose a neighbors yard to do his business. I thought they saw us and turned them on out of spite! I’ve been stewing ever since, especially since I always clean up after them. (And it did sound like spitting and cussing when they came on, which didn’t help.)

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      • I feel like I’m doing a hidden marketing campaign for this sprinkler. I think it’s called Scarecrow, I think of it as a grouchy, phlegmy old android, hawking and spitting, “Get off my lawn (harrumph, ptooie…)”

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      • That’s doubly hysterical.


      • That’s kind of hysterical, I can see that.


  2. the sprinklers waking up spitting and cussing, i’ve known people like that

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  3. Summer loafs all day on its sofa
    not knowing one commitment

    Super. Can’t wait!

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