Catching up with Pablo

At the end of a long day I cleaned myself in the back yard with Pablo Neruda, setting him down on my stomach, rubbing my eyes the way you would a catcher’s mitt, breaking it in. And I remembered a part of my day I otherwise wouldn’t: the morning, walking to the lake before the sun came up, catching the moon through the trees and making a wish, sitting on a log by the water in the dark hearing things, thinking, feeling lucky to be out on a summer morning with just the moon and the smell of an all-night rain, the first time in two months. Each day could be like this but isn’t. No matter how hard you rub, it takes time to break it in, to catch what most times we miss.

Photo by Loren Chasse, Mexico

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  1. I’ve read this four times. And it keeps getting better. So am going to read it again.’the smell of an all-night rain’ – the way we fail (to our very great loss) to take time to break in the day.

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  2. Why have I never read Pablo Neruda? Where do I start, please?


    • I’m reading a collection called Extravagaria I’m enjoying. I’ll ask my wife too, she’s a big fan and this is my first real focused read. This collection appears to be later in his life; there are some references to cancer scares.


  3. i love pablo and no matter what, each day, each experience, will be different.

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  4. Another Pablo virgin here. You’ve started something.

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