Gone are the 8 o’clock sunsets

IMG_7883How much was left undone by summer’s end, in the corner of our back yard by the maple tree. The work was coming in again, with everyone coming back from vacations and wanting their things fast-tracked, rush jobs. Learning all I could to make myself an expert about things I didn’t know—and how much there was to learn still. How many days of my life had passed where I learned nothing. Nothing about politics or social injustice, about plants or books or the meaning of things. Surely not about myself, the one subject I should know the most about, or be the most interested in. Paradoxically, that subject was too close to study—the filters got in the way, the filters of ego that distort. Instead I went to the back yard to read and unwind, and it was there I stood outside of myself and felt a peace looking down, unable to see the surface that always distracts.

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  1. Learning can be overrated. Like money, you can’t take it with you. Getting to know the knower, that’s where it’s at. I got two turntables and a microphone. And there you go again with the super-disturbing photos.

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    • The caption for the photo should be Dead Souls (they keep calling me, keep on calling me…). Learning overrated makes me feel better: I’m tracking to expectation/goal! Check! Undelivered.


  2. The title would make a great line in a song …

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  3. Can you learn something every day? Isn’t that a bit much to expect? How tedious. Mid-life crisis is right. That would never occur to a 23-year old.


    • God, I’m learning like 10 things everyday in my new job / tech industry. I kind of like it but man it’s exhausting. I feel like a robot sort of. But not as efficient, not at all.


  4. I’ve returned to work today, got my hand lightly slapped for taking the first part of the week off by the person who gave me permission to take the first part of the week off. The assistant I’ve trained the past year has given her notice. The head of school is rushing some new signs that are going to look they were rushed. So I’m learning to cope, every day, every day.

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  5. kind of like hiding under an umbrella of sunscreen protection to avoid the hazards of the ozone layer.

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  6. Gone are the 8 o’clock sunsets
    Gone are the muscular bits
    Gone is my talent for learning
    This ageing, it gives me the shits

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