Near to fall

IMG_7063And so at last it was done, the book of poems I spent all summer with it seemed. They weren’t my poems, but became mine more and more each day. I sat on a chair in the grass and put myself into the book, I let it put itself in me. I never saw the poet but grew used to his voice, I tried to make it part of mine. My head hurt from work and the distances between loved ones, the strange intimacies of the day that go by unrecorded. The blended quality of days, the meaninglessness of life. And yet to feel it there on the edge: the imprint of my glasses, which makes pink moons between my eyes—and the mornings so dark, what’s left of the moon still fills the sky…so dark you can see the implied edge that would make it feel full. I tire from the sound of dry leaves in the wind and a lonesome jet. They are both so far away, so near to fall.

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  1. I really like the moodiness of this. The book, was it Pablo?


  2. ❤ pablo and your 'strange intimacies of the day that go unrecorded' phrase.


  3. I liked this, and like the same phrase that ksbeth noted.


  4. Beautiful post – image – feeling generated by reading. Thank you!
    Could you share which Pablo book you were bonding with?

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    • Oh thank you! Glad you saw it that way, this was experimenting with “all feeling,” some imagery…sort of loose, otherwise. The book was called Extravagaria. It’s the first of his I’ve read, so unsure how it compares…but definitely late in his career judging by the subject matter and tone. Bill

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      • FOUND IT! Right on my poetry shelf between a couple other Neruda volumes. A while back I was into his odes … this volume I have not read – but it’s now off the shelf and close to the rocking chair. Thank you!

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      • Ha, that’s funny. My wife is a big fan, and I tried a collection before but it didn’t stick for some reason. Could be where you are (and the poet was) and if it makes a match. We’ll see if you connect with it?! In either case, thanks so much for connecting with me and reading my posts, I appreciate it. Bill

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  5. You’re walking, and you’re falling.
    I think you enjoy Falling, Mr Bill.

    Bruce (friendly half-smiling emoji)

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