Rainer Maria Rilke made me write this

957ACD3B-EA42-4D9C-B1B4-DB69E3B3A537The afternoon sky looks pregnant but it’s too early to tell. And the tall trees reach to tickle its belly with stick fingers drawn by a kid. The dishwasher and drier are running, and there’s a pot on the stove on a low boil. There’s a hum in the house, and both pets are napping. Last night it rained, and this morning the first leaves touched down on their backs like they’d just been delivered. A new kind of birth in death: transform then cover me, fall.

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  1. it’s easing its way in –


  2. My Sunday:
    Chicken in the over.
    Browns and Giants tanking.
    It must be fall.

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    • I spoke to my dad yesterday and he corroborated with that, except he was watching golf. Definitely sounds like fall, amen. I slow roasted a pork loin. And vegetables with herbs.


  3. The image of a pregnant sky poses several questions. What would it give birth to? Little blue skies popping out here and there? A gloom of fog landing in the backyard? Clouds, begetting other clouds? Alternate universes, bordered by rainbows?

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    • Welcome back from Ireland Dave! You know all about the rainbows and special, little people by now I’m sure…:) Thanks for reading. Here’s to the coming rain. Like in seven minutes.

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  4. Pregnant sky, sound like more serious hidden things will finally exposed to the world.

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  1. Rainer Maria Rilke made me write this — William Pearse | pinklightsabre – „Ingerii sunt spirite inaripate, prietene cu spiritul tau inaripat.“

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