October 7, 2018 (Sunday)

In the den with the fruit flies on the couch I lay listening to the tic of the clock, the dog shifting, the sound of a jet outside, and nothing else worth noting. We are each of us in our separate rooms this Sunday burrowed in like bugs with our comforts and our things. We are back to the season of journaling, of sketching trees, and drawing baths. I start at the top of this notepad realizing it was October last year I began, looking at myself then, a year younger—notes, grocery lists, beef chili recipes and comments about the frogs outside. We really don’t change much over time. We are like stews ourselves, either improving with age or about to go off.

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  1. Most days it’s a bit of both – like those borderline bananas, going from sweet to blackened corpses in the blink of an eye. I can see the drab weather is really speaking to me today.

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  2. and the seasons of our lives continue to roll on by

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    • I know, pathetic. Tell-tale. Same recipe every year, still have to go back and read it, wrote out all the ingredients when I go to the store. Happy Sunday to you, what’s left of it!

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      • Chili is one of those things I’m not sure I’ve ever used a recipe. A combo of ground beef and some type of sausage (my preferred is garlic basil), tomato sauce, onion, garlic, jalapeno, chipotle, chili powder, a can of pinto beans, cumin, maybe a little cocoa powder, maybe some beer. Simmer for hours. It’s been a while. Time to make it again.

        Have a good week, good sir.

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      • You too Mark! Sounds good.


  3. Removed a wood fire hater today. Worry about winter next autumn, I reckon.
    Even with help, my body is not happy. Speaking in corporeal terms, there is no improvement with age.

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  4. Haha! How I love that last line! I feel a bit of both, depending on my mood. Lovely contemplation, Bill

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  5. Made me laugh. I think I’m fermenting.


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