In the last 24 hours, my blog has been targeted by a bot following attack. At first it seemed like a good thing, all these new followers. They come in batches of five or so every hour, about 200 in the last couple days. But as I dug deeper, I realized they all map back to a lifestyle blog about cooking.

Funny enough, the names and thumbnails of my new followers are all plausible. They’re young, white women with on-trend names like Reagan. When I click on the parent site it takes me to a bunch of recipes for Belgian beef, gelatin-based stocks, and so on—with step-by-step instructions, terrible misspellings, photos with hands and spatulas. It’s how you’d imagine robots trying to talk about cooking, with English as a second language.

Part of me wants to go there and say stop following me, but another part doesn’t want to attract any negative attention. In fact I keep finding myself returning there, tempted to follow…

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  1. Have I got a cooking sight for you!!!!!


  2. You just gotta roll with it! This actually relates to the book I’m thinking of writing. A character starts writing a long letter to AI on the computer, hoping/suspecting it could be listening…and it is!

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  3. I had a different kind of attack earlier this year. All computer generated outlook email addresses.
    Wordpress Happiness Engineers (I cannot type that without pulling a face) did sort it out.
    Before it stops, though, what’s the recipe for Belgian Beef?


  4. They have attacked me too. It’s been going on for days. I keep thinking it’s going to stop but it just keeps going.

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  5. Sorry sounds creepy.
    Although as MIT, etc creates more protein-based bio-computers , I imagine their systems will take more and more interest in cooking. and perhaps will grow angry if they see our recipe for “fish head soup,” and feel a kinship.

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  6. You have a spatula fetish.
    Did you used to have Kraft commercials in the U.S.? Just hands manipulating Kraft Singles and cherry tomatoes for a quick, nutritious snack. Mesmerizing.

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  7. I’ve gotten in the habit of going through that list and deleting obvious bot followers. It’s a pointless task, but makes me feel marginally better about that fake Followers number.

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  8. I’ve always wondered about the follow bots. What’s the point? Is it sinister or pointless spam (because they’re never real sites or products right?)? I like the idea of robots starting cooking blogs. They’re a little behind the times but they’ll catch up and surpass us all before long.

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  9. I’ve got thousands of followers but most of them are fake. Getting a new follower email stopped feeling good a long time ago.


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