‘My mind is in garlands’

Our inability to get our kids to do stuff manifest itself most in their rooms. This week, after years of trying, I gave up. There are wet towels, empty bags of chips, old glasses of juice, clothes everywhere they should not be. It hurts to look at, but like a tabloid cover I can’t stop.

But this month is Scotch month for me: the month I dedicate to drinking Scotch. I’ll stock up on Scotch and generally nip at it through the spring, then wait until November to start all over again.

And this is like the archetype of the scorpion from the Zodiac, from astrology: the end of the lifecycle represented by this simple, old creature who must endure its own death to realize itself and transform to Phoenix. This is me collapsing inwards in my den with solemn music. And candles on the mantle, the dog by my feet on her side looking dead.

Driving home the sky was orange-red with puffy clouds and a strange glow, the wind raking the leaves off the trees, scattered by the handfuls on the streets.

We flipped the calendar like we’d accomplished something and replaced the nail in the hole with a new page, November. It’s laid out like a fresh set of sheets waiting for us to crawl into.


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  1. Your kids sound a lot like my kids. Which is odd, because growing up I was described as being rather ‘anal’ in the way I kept my room. Might try rewarding them with a finger or two of Scotch whenever they pick something up?

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  2. Scotch month, eh? Beats shark week.

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  3. The calendar is like one of the reasons I like staying in nice hotels, those crisp white sheets, not like my gray permawrinkled ones, with the stupid “fitted” elastic edges that slip off the mattress at night and try to strangle me. I love the big calendars with all the tidy little boxes, holding out the illusion you can organize your life, nice and pristine pages at the start of the month. But for whiskey month it’s…three sheets to the wind, I guess. Man, you’ve been knocking ’em out lately, this was another cool closing sentence.

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  4. Scotch month. I like the sound of that. I have some bourbon on hand, so that will just have to do …

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  5. as to the rooms – just close the door and not worry about it. as to november, all options are on the table.

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  6. The Scotch will make the untidy rooms a bit easier to take. It sounds environmentally unsound.

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