“Fall back”

I got as close to the light as I could though it was all gray and not much to speak of, and there in the corner of the window a stink bug fanned the glass with a limp leg, and then fell on its side and died.

We are all swipable now, a click away from obscurity or fame.

How bad I stank after a long week of work with no manual labor, all cerebral: and why stress coaxed the toxins out of me and made for that miasmic brew, that hung onto me deep into Saturday by the fireplace with my jazz and cold stout…how hard it was to live just in between, to feel the passage of time whipping past me like a boat I’m not on, just watching.

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  1. Great image in that last line — the boat you aren’t on. That bug, though — was it really a stink bug?

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  2. you share the getting as close to the light as you can with the bug


  3. I’m not sure I followed all that – but it resonated, somehow.

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  4. the time CRISPR cleaver! btw – an ounce of dish soap in a water-filled spray bottle, I have found effective on stink bugs, a couple sprays and knocks them out in a few minutes, hopefully they crawl back to the crevice where they were hiding and the soap gets on others.

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