In the morning when Dawn starts the electric kettle it sounds like a rocket about to launch, slowly building pressure until it snaps free from the launch pad and lifts off. She pulls it down by the handle and sets it on the counter, and then pours the water to make tea. I lay in bed with the dog beside me on the floor, both of us getting up but deciding instead to lay back down. And as I lay there with the clock dinging downstairs and the acknowledgment of Wednesday, I’m content without much of a schedule. And the thought of yet another job coming soon, and another chance to remake myself.

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  1. Am I reading the last line correctly?

    Nice image with the pulling down of the kettle, by the way.

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  2. Are you a free agent these days bill?

    best, gregg

    gregg s johnson 206 399 3066

    Pardon my brevity, I’m sending this message from a mobile device.



  3. ah, off to another adventure. what are you thinking of next? or are you open?


  4. Hope the next launch takes you someplace invigorating and engrossing, Bill.

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  5. My wife takes the kettle off the fire when she hears the water boiling. I insist on waiting until it actually whistles. She’s right. It’s ready to pour. But where’s the fun in that? That’s what I’m all about. Fun.

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