4:59, Friday

In my time of darkness I go back to the old haunts,
to Raymond Carver:

I closed the book
and he looked back, and in the morning
spoke to me on the toilet, in my bathrobe
with my phone:

He said, What kind of man are you,
trading your time for coins?

(We are all in the business
of trading our time — )

And foolish, first day
it feels like spring
I walked to the lake in the morning dark
to the sound of waterfowl landing, making V’s —
to the footsteps on the gravel coming down
to the dock, where I held
in the dark like the waterfowl,
unseen —

and stood there
until I got what I came for,
then headed home

they said the sunset was 4:59 today,
the same time the app
said my pizza would come

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14 replies

  1. Raymond Carver, another PNWer, a life unsure it wise to emulate, though art? Art is a different matter. Reminded of the opening lines of his poem “Money,” all of it perhaps.

    Definitely a RC closing. Nicely done.

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    • I know, from some odd-sounding place in Oregon. Have you been to Port Angeles? My imagination let’s me picture him there in some of the sadder, more sordid places. I like your comment here, it touches on the complicated nature of what we see or imagine in the artists we admire, I think — I only see him through what he created, but I’ll bet he was tough to date, so to speak. I’ll look at that Money poem, I don’t know it. Went digging around the Half Price book store today in the C’s but didn’t turn up anything more. Thanks Kim for the kind words.


  2. and the timing of the pizza and the sun setting on your day is perfect


  3. Raymond Carver? I always loved him. Your blog was spot on for me.

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  4. Love it and so much fun reading you 🙂

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  5. A good poem and a good punchy/funny ending.

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  6. I’m a huge Carver fan (have I mentioned that?) but I don’t know if I’d idolize him or take his advice. Like most of our heros, if you take too close a look you won’t like what you see.


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