The weight that won’t shake

After a week of snow it finally broke, and started to melt

and with it sliding off the branches and dripping off the gutters

it looked like the sky was crying, the earth

collapsing in on itself

and with the snow clung to the gutters like a vice,

making the trees look like linebackers

with their shoulders slung low,

what a relief it must have been,

when suddenly the weight from all that snow slipped

off, and the branches sprung back up.

Is this you, Depression?

The weight that won’t shake?

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18 replies

  1. Depression can be tricky, it can make you believe it will never leave you.

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  2. Excellent. Most times I see sports metaphors, it’s employed clumsily, I guess that’s just par for the course, blah blah, but this one is excellent, I instantly got the image of the hunched trees and the relief when they could straighten up. Yeah seems like a vise-like grip but it does shuck off, always does melt at some time

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  3. depression – always a heavy wet blanket and never welcome at any party

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  4. Funny, I got bit by the Cornell bug again recently, can’t stop listening all over again.

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