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Poem to celebrate an open PO

On the last day before I went back to work

I lay on the sofa with my shirt off

and the morning sun coming in, playing a record,

burning incense, reading poetry.

All I had left was to clean the sheets,

cook chili for my kids,

and restock the beer.

The dog lay beside me as did my phone,

silent, too.

By pinklightsabre

Bill Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

14 replies on “Poem to celebrate an open PO”

“I went back to work”

The five dirtiest words in the English language. Except …

It’s one of those things we gotta do to take care of those we love and to give us the opportunity to do the things we love. All in the name of love.

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Ha yes. Was nice to hear our 14-year-old playing “Pretty girls make graves” in her room on this rainy Saturday morning in November. I couldn’t be happier. My work is done! Now she just needs a set of tortoise shell frames and a cardigan.

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Hey Vishal! Festive season hasn’t quite started yet, though we could use some light soon. Thank god for candles and fires, I’ll say that. Anything for some spiritual warmth, for sure. You? Happy we’re in touch, thanks for that! Bill


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