Thanks giving

And then for a time it is just the sound of the dog licking an empty bowl

I’ve turned out all the lights so the coming dawn can fill every room

and why do we say, “I’m filled with loss”

when loss is an absence

should it be more,

“the loss reveals how big the empty space is in me”

and that’s what fills us,

a reminder of what once was

how life would never truly reveal itself

until maybe the end:

what makes it so peculiar, so wondrous,

its mystery reserved for a day we’d see it as an accumulation

of indescribable pain and beauty

cut like a diamond with all its facets and angles of light —

I give thanks now for the space it has made in my heart,

for the weight in what I have

and stand to lose,

for the gratitude that grows with age,

and all that waits

to reveal itself.

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6 replies

  1. Well this poem did nothing to quell the simmering depression bubbling behind my heart all day. Happy Thanksgiving Bill.

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  2. Yes my friend: happy thanksgiving! Let it simmer until it’s ready, I guess. Not sure warming it really changes things: ha! Love you buddy! Bill

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  3. Bill–Do I need to know something ? I cooked for my one son who lives near by. We had a nice visit and now it is good to be alone to my solitude. Go figure what age does to a person….I actually like the aloneness.

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  4. It really is all good Bill, as you have alluded to in this beautiful little bit of prose. Happy Holidays to you.

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