Sunday night with the tree

When we mounted it, the tree stood perfectly the first time. The trunk was too wide for the screws in the base though, and Dawn had to run out and get a new one. This will be the base for the ages, I said. In the first week it drank about three quarts a day. It filled the entryway with the scent of fresh pine. The lights gave a soft glow and the glass ornaments a sparkle. More and more the kids were less and less interested in the decorating but they still gathered round, still had some pep brought on by the decorations and the music. I had to rework a project plan as the sun went down and the timer triggered the ceramic lights outside. I came down and lay on the sofa with a beer while Dawn laced the lights around and started with the ornaments. I hung a handful myself and repositioned some that had already been hung. With Thanksgiving so late it seemed to compress Christmas, the two bumping into each other awkwardly at the door, not supposed to see each other passing. Both clocks ticked opposite each other with the tree in the middle. And I wondered what it thought of all this ornamentation and fuss: this cruel ending. One month you’re center stage, the next you’re kicked to the curb for the Boy Scouts, hauled off in a truck.

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  1. and such is the circle of life ! )

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  2. I love this idea of the rival holidays jostling each other in the doorway. “Hey, T-bird, lookin’ good” (Man, he’s put on weight. Gravy stain on the tie, like always). “Oh, yeah, hi X-Mas, that time again already? Well, jolly jolly, right, see ya.” (That guy is always overdressed and a little over-the-top.)

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  3. Your Christmas tree certainly looks amazing, have a lovely holiday season 😊

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  4. Do you think it knows what its ultimate fate will be, though? Right now it’s probably thinking it’s finally “made it.”

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  5. One of the Seattle network news outlets reported that there is a shortage of Christmas trees…here in the PNW!? Of course my immediate reaction was WTF? Unthinkable that we should have to resort to fake trees one day. Hoping it was all “fake news”. Enjoy it while you can Bill.


  6. We have our tree wrapped and leaning against the house outside. I’m ready to bring it in and set it up but Deb keeps brushing it off. It occurred to me just now in reading this that she secretly wants to wait until there’s minimum one child home to help decorate it.
    Delightful piece. I’m with Parker on that sentence.

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  7. It may seem cruel, getting only a month of fame, but most of us only get 15 minutes. (And I’m not sure if I’ve had mine yet. 😉 )

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