One remembrance

We dropped down into Denver, the lights below, the wisps of cloud and snow, a funny time of year to visit. A time you wouldn’t unless you had to, the passing of my brother-in-law Chip, a celebration of life at the house with memory boards, family and friends. The kids gathered round the kitchen island, ordering out Chinese, buffet style with paper plates and napkins. The strange feel in the air, all of us trying to make the best of it, happy to be together but for our circumstances. In the morning, that slate blue wintry sky like the paintings from the southwest hung around the house. Patches of snow on the neighbor’s roofs still, icy bands along the streets. The sun rising slow, a hot white ember in a stew of cold and gray, this day we remember Chip.

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  1. I’m so sorry about Chip. I just went through this a few weeks ago with an old college friend. Bitter, bitter sweet. The joy of connecting with long lost friends juxtaposed against the pain of losing someone too young. Enjoy the memories, Bill.

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  2. Sorry for your loss, but your descriptions are lovely. At wakes/funerals, etc., there are always tears, but joy in the memories.

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  3. I’m sorry about the loss of chip, to you and your family. the Chinese food, the bits of snow, the gathering – all pieces of the universe to find its balance once again.

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  4. The words, “brother-in-law” made me gasp. Too young. I’m so sorry for your loss. Memorial gatherings always carry a strange weight with them. Love and loss. Sending love.

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