Song for late autumn Saturdays

A voice is wailing from the radio, an opera, in a language I don’t understand. The gray today is like a palm pressing down on my head or worse, a pillow. One kid is in the shower with the radio going, and the other in her room on a different station. Dawn is in her office doing taxes, drinking tea. The clock in another room chimes once to signal the half hour. I have a vague idea of what time it is but I’m trying to slip out of the frame, somewhere pillowy I can float towards, like a dream. It’s days like this on the cusp of winter, the earth damp and overwrought, that all I want from a Saturday is to fry onions in bacon fat and drink dark beer. To nap by the fire and slip into the rhythm of my dog’s snoring, and not awake until spring.

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  1. Ahhh … reading this right before shifting into the kitchen to stir up supper … suddenly craving bacon and onions, thank you! (Almost always craving a deep sleep this time of year.)

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  2. the rhythm of the family symphony

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  3. And there seem so many good reasons to hibernate too, Bill. ‘Somewhere pillowy’ – YES!

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  4. Love that picture, is it yours? The elf feels alive.

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    • Hi Jeff, yes: that’s Trixie, I think her name is. She travels from room to room in unexpected scenes. That’s one of my favorites, happy you liked it too. And hope you’re enjoying the season, now that it feels like it truly should be ‘the season.’ Bill

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  5. I think it’s the opera that causes all of this, the gray cold fog pressing down on you, and the dog is probably snoring Wagner. Put on some Puccini or Verdi, blow away the

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  6. I can see you now, hunkering down, supplies around you, a fire going, like a big brown bear in his cave waiting for spring. That’s what we all make during these long, dark months, isn’t it, caves of light and warmth to keep out winter. Lovely stuff Bill

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  7. That’s a captivating picture. There is a circular flow to it that is reminiscent of Munch’s The Scream. I like how the elf seems to be looking at Mary, not Jesus. It’s kind of perfect.

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