There and not

The same collection of poems, taking it slowly, reading it since fall, not wanting it to end. And if only I could get a pinch of Carver in my work, that was the stuff! Even a shake could transform me.

I was there and not, two places at the same time. The first awareness of that division, like the divider in a cab separating the front from the back. It was down, and I could see through, but not always hear.

And why were people watching Friends again?! Like some deep, saccharine need it filled and we all deeply craved. To patch the holes in our hearts. And what little we knew then! Less wise, happier still.

If only we could transform ourselves to those far away people, there. Easier, better, than having to confront the hard work that waits for us inside.

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  1. Yeah. I don’t understand the renewed appeal of Friends. That’s a show that doesn’t stand the test of time.

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  2. I never got into Friends, but I get the sentiment. I’m watching Noah Baumbach movies in reverse chronological order and the one I watched tonight hurt. Up now because I don’t want to face the silence and the dark.

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  3. You never know you’re experiencing golden times until they’re gone, I am NOT saying Friends was part of a golden time, but perhaps a more positive one, one where we weren’t pulverised daily with thoughts of our oncoming destruction. And Ravi Shankar – what grand company to keep. I’m not surprised you’re reluctant to give him up for Han Solo

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  4. Ah yes, I finished Five seasons on Friends last year and five more remaining, taking to those days. Friends is my stressbuster and laughing crazily. The calm and soothing moments matter a lot in today’s times.

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