Happiness is easy

Dawn and I sat in the car at the ferry line waiting to get on the next boat. We booked a rental in Langley, a small town on Whidbey Island, just a 20-minute crossing not far from Seattle. We still hadn’t celebrated our 20-year “date anniversary,” I’d forgotten that. The owners of the VRBO wrote happy 20th in the card. They met us in the lawn with a flash light and guided us to the back, past a family of deer. The place was cozy and clean, just what we needed. It had a sitting area on the back deck facing the water but we wouldn’t be using that, not with the blowing rain and winds. I remembered the small grocery store in town had a nice champagne selection and picked out a split, and Dawn and I sat on the sofa laughing and talking, remembering old times. We each had different pieces it seemed. That jigsaw view of life taken apart, put back together. On the refrigerator they had a map of the region and you could see how Camano Island and Whidbey had once been the same land mass; Camano looks like a baby nestled in its mother’s arms, Dawn said.

In the morning we lay in bed with the sound of the rain hitting the roof, or the sound of the heater fan blowing. It was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. All we had planned was a 7:30 show, an Alfred Hitchcock film festival: Shadow of a Doubt. There was the French bistro above the grocery store, good food, unpretentious. The oyster bar that served a nice pale ale on tap and opened at 11. A cafe we liked, some art galleries. Dawn said artists are so cool, it has to be the highest form of life. Amen to that.

I called my mom to say happy birthday, 71, and she got her card on the actual day. I could hear the joy in her voice. She was heading out and we were just waking up, and had the whole day ahead of us still.

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  1. Sounds idyllic! Good for the two of you.

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  2. “Dawn and I sat on the sofa laughing and talking, remembering old times.” You are fortunate to have a relationship like that, old sport. Glad y’all had (and continue to have) a good time together.

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  3. I like that jigsaw puzzle idea. Sometimes Deb and I come up with different pieces and then disagree about where they go. Or rather, we insist it goes “there.” More often than not, though, I’m all “How on earth did you find that piece?” This metaphor could go on, but I think you get the picture.

    Talk Talk rules.

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    • I stumbled upon the jigsaw and liked it too. Thanks for taking it past the logical limit, that was fun! And for calling out my Talk Talk fetish. That piece snapped right into place…boo yuh’! Fist bump, Holmes.

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  4. Reminds me of an ancient ferry trip to Friday harbor, Sophie six months old affected by croup. Raw freezing rain keeping up inside the shops with long breaks in coffee shops.


  5. What a lovely sounding trip. Happy 20 years to you both. The jigsaw pieces throughout fit beautifully.

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  6. nothing like an easy happiness –

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  7. I wrote about feeling like a jigsaw puzzle once; one of the pieces had been lost so the puzzle wasn’t complete… life spent looking for it.

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    • Ha I like that. Thanks Ms D! It’s a cool image I think, and nice to consider for loved ones with whom you have shared experiences…trying to reconstruct the past in a sense. Thanks for reading and for visiting! Bill


  8. I missed the Talk Talk reference, I mostly only know stuff from the first couple of albums, but I did get the jigsaw concept & like it. This is a nice entry, a nice vibe.

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  9. 20 years of “dating”, eh? Goes fast, doesn’t it? Keep celebrating.

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  1. Happiness is easy — Bill Pearse – Site Title

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