The rain, the rain, the rain

For a period of time I stopped using deodorant and bathing regularly. I got athlete’s foot which is funny, because nothing about me was athletic. I rose and got clothed and made coffee and went online. I sometimes walked to the lake or up the road to retrieve empty trash bins. Winter set in like an abscess, like an infection. The repetition of rain mixed with fog. Our family psychiatrist said that some people need shots of like 10,000 milligrams of vitamin D a day to beat back the depression. I chewed gummies before bed and first thing in the morning, took off my hat on morning walks just to feel the light on my face. Imagined it healed my bruised and battered soul. Was probably wrong about that, but kept on trying.

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  1. The light helps, most def. And the vitamin C is no good without it. Or is that the vitamin D? Now I’m confused. Anyhoo… hats off, light on, and bathe and deodorize at least occasionally, that would be my advice. Of course, I’m not a medical doctor, and that cornhead pic is popping up again in my “MORE IN BILL PEARSE” window and it’s still just as disturbing as it ever was.

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    • Ha! Fish oil, melatonin. Brahms. Or Eno, I don’t know.

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      • It’s Vitamin D- which is fat soluble vitamin. Vitamin C is used by the body and excess is excreted through urine each day- water soluble. Vitamin C is essential in the absorption of Vitamin D and therefore also very valuable in the process. It’s good to have large doses of Vitamin C each day because the body does not keep it and it’s essential in cell reproduction and healing. Vitamin D deficiency is dangerous to lots of things such as bone replacement that happens in the body as part of maintenance as well as our mood swings and nerve transmissions. Take a good multivitamin to get them all and then add vitamin D and C. You can take lots of vitamin C each day but limit the amount of vitamin D to an acceptable level to prevent hypervitaminosis which will cause and excess amount of calcium in the blood.
        Fat soluble vitamins are A,E,D and K – think dark green, yellow and orange vegetables.
        Water soluble vitamins are all the B’s, and vitamin C. – grains, cereals, fruits and some veggies.

        You are welcome.

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      • That is a super supplement of insight into vitamins and nutrition Holly! Thank you thank you thank you! Bill


  2. Ahh – cycles! Love ’em. (Actually, during some of them I can feel quite miserable, but afterward I’m grateful I could have that cycle.) Light is incredibly important … likewise the dark … I’m not aware of any one-size-fits-all formula for ideal balance. This post stirs me as the dark moon approaches, beginning another lunar cycle. Thank you! And hats off to imagination/visualization – change ourselves from within.

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  3. Loved the post Bill, thank you.

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  4. Sun’s a pretty good placebo, regardless.

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  5. “Winter set in like an abscess, like an infection.” Man, that speaks volumes of the dark day condition that is a typical Midwest winter. I believe you are more of a northwest persuasion, but perhaps this isn’t a location based struggle? I just know I can relate!

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    • I like the image of you by the heater in the basement from a couple weeks ago. I can picture that, kind of “bunker style!” Yeah, sorry it’s relatable for most in our hemisphere I think. This rain is nuts! At least it amounts to something for you in the MW. But then you have to like….shovel…

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      • I’m the very proud owner of a gas-guzzling snowblower. But we still have to shovel the front deck. While I am no fan of shoveling, there is a certain satisfaction in actually getting my snowblower to turn on that is apparently a very well hidden instinct for automechanics. (The fact that I have to plug the starter in to make it work is irrelevant; it took me a year to figure out how to work the bloody choke.)

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      • Gas-powered equipment, yay! Me strong human, look at me!

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  6. Lie back and think of Australia~

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