The rhythm of the rain

All night long the rain. All day the rain. The sound of the rain and smell of the rain. The look of the rain sometimes slowing down. The forecast about the rain and threat of the rain on the river rise causing areal flood watch warnings mudslides impacts to snow levels and ski resorts with the snow pack weakened and avalanche warnings and even drought come summer (which seems counterintuitive) on account of all this rain. The rain pooling through the broken seams in our gutter. All night long the rain. Sometimes the wind.

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  1. I like the rhythm of this! Nice.

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  2. Same here in Victoria. Working on the ark.

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  3. “Pour your misery down”

    thought to link to the original Garbage version, but Metallica seems about right

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  4. Yes, you have chioce of words.
    Hypnotic expresses it aptly.
    Hypnotising monotony of this rhythm that holds you firmly on its aimless run to nowhere.

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  5. That painting looks like a tidal wave rolling across the earth. More water…

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  6. The rain level is high in parts of Sumas in Canada as well The warnings have been sent ,no evacuations as of yet

    Get Outlook for Android


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  7. Someone rain on your parade? That was sure a parade of rain. (The definition of January, down here.)

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