The new normal

Oddly the toads or frogs or crickets start croaking this time of year like it’s all on cue. My hands are rubbed raw from the soap and sanitizer and I’ve got a cat on my lap. A phone, plenty of flour in case we need to make bread. Dawn said when I go to the store to look for the rubbing alcohol and aloe vera because they’re out of Purell, it’s make-it-yourself time. I looked down the aisle but didn’t feel like it. Made “caldo verde,” the simple Portuguese soup (sausage and potatoes). Thought about burning the last of the winter wood but didn’t. The sky’s a mixed pink and gray, the smell of cooked sausages and sautéed onions. The seam between winter and spring. Most offices telling their employees to work from home now. Good video conferencing and waving to the camera, hi and goodbye! The new normal. We sucked the ice cream cones dry and chewed them down to the nub.

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  1. and in the midst of all of the ‘new normal,” the soup continues.

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  2. No hand sanitiser here either, though they’re saying soap and water is actually more effective – as long as you wash your hands for two choruses of ‘Happy Birthday to you’!
    Beleaguered on all sides, or so it feels – Brexit and Trump, flooding and endless storms, coronavirus. Time to stay home and make soup, you’re quite right.
    As always, love that blend of the ordinary details and the wider view, of finding beauty, interest and poetry in the everyday.
    Stay well and safe, all

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    • And as always, good to hear from you Lynn! Surprised to hear it’s a similar sanitizer situation for you. Dawn just bought a bunch of soap yesterday. Now it’s soap and soup I guess.


  3. The Tower. Yeah, plague, stock market plunging, the Great Barrier Reef bleaching, Hall & Oates on tour,

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  4. World over community experience well summarized. Well said, the Spring is coming, everything is destined to change. Today’s new will give way to another new normal.

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