“Between thought and expression there lies a lifetime”

In the early morning before the sun comes up we sit in the dark with a candle and our coffees and ask how the other one slept. Letting the dog out and standing in the fog, hurrying back in beneath the blankets. This is the whole expanse of time in half an hour at most. It is as sacred as going to church. And so seamless and routine, we almost forget.

I’ll walk to the lake thinking about work, taking it all apart. Or my uncle in Pennsylvania, or the time we spent in Scotland. There is a house on the lake with a red lampshade that’s always on, no matter how early. It reminds me of that place we rented in late November, a far-away time.

My uncle said that you can see Jupiter in the east with Mars to the right and Saturn to the left, if you have a good view and it’s early enough. Clouds today and I’m grateful, I didn’t feel like heading out that early.

Lily got picked up by a girl who’s 16 and driving now. They went shopping for a school project and Dawn gave her money for dinner. She was wearing lots of makeup, and hurried out.

Like many people, I think about most things I touch now. And things just keep getting canceled. I’ve had an ear ache for three days and have to wonder if it entered me there, or if it’s just wax.

The animals, punctual about their eating, are figuring out the time change thing.

The cleaners come every two weeks and when they leave it’s perfect for about a day. I wonder why we even bother, it’s so short-lived. You can’t save it, it’s temporary.

The cat is curled in a ball and sleeps a hundred times a day: perfect rest in 10-minute bits. They say they have no concept of time. Then how is it they know exactly when it’s time to eat, even if we’ve changed the clocks?

Time measures the space between events. And doesn’t exist, they’ve proven that. So what do we do with all of this space? We wait for the next time to feed.

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  1. Isn’t thought a wonderful thing?

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  2. And no kinds of love are better than others

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  3. Writing is such a grand way to fill gaps between feedings … or whatever other regularity one has contrived. Glad you like to write – this piece especially makes me feel like I might be staring into a mirror. Fog precluded photographing the March full moon here … so I wait for April’s … and write …

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    • And for the love of cats, right?! I wondered if that photo of ours I put up enticed you to read, ha! Enjoy the moon and the fog and the writing Jazz, nice to connect with you here. Thanks for reading!

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      • Didn’t see the cat till just now – clicked on HOME and these beautiful blue eyes stare back at me. I get an email notification when you post – clicking that took me to a banner of you staring out at ocean (plus the text). WordPress making choices, perhaps?

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      • Ha yes! Different photo options for different readers. Keeps it interesting maybe. Happy you got to see Roxy though! Hi to your feline friends too 🤪

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  4. And there is Venus, setting in the West after the Sun, burning, and space (wanted or not) to finally hear our own thoughts

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    • Yes! Love being able to count on you for these celestial annotations! Love singing these crude songs to the stars…[cue sloppy howling sounds]!!


  5. “The cleaners come every two weeks and when they leave it’s perfect for about a day. I wonder why we even bother, it’s so short-lived. You can’t save it, it’s temporary.”

    Ah yes, I’ve wondered this same thing myself at times. Why do we eat if we’re only going to get hungry again in a few hours. Why mow the lawn if it’s just going to keep growing. Why clean if the dust and debris is just going to collect again.

    The answer is simple.


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  6. Public radio was playing Holst’s “Jupiter” yesterday. I looked it up when I got home, the subtitle is “Bringer of Jollity.” I don’t get that impression from seeing pictures of it, it looks like some sort of semiprecious gemstone, maybe agate, but it’s not solid, just your basic gas giant. “Space between events” somehow sounds empty, like outer space, but I guess the average workday is an endless series of micro-events? Or maybe not.
    Nice essay, and beautiful cat, wow those are some whiskers!

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    • I know! Those whiskers remind me of an ancient Chinese fisherman for some reason. Or a walrus! Bringer of Jollity doesn’t seem to add up to me. I agree, it looks like a marble…hard to believe it’s gas. Maybe something about the illusion of substance carries over to the space between events, where you were going with that..

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  7. My mother-in-law gifted us a cleaner after child #3. We suffered through it just long enough to demonstrate gratitude than adiosed her. I think we’d rather live in squalor than feel bourgeois.


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