Jaw Rest

It is an intercellular parasite with a crude DNA and protein wrapper that lives off plants, animals and people. Multiplies fast once it finds a host. I looked up images expecting to see something from Alien. I actually pictured something really bad to match the fear that’s been building inside my head but it just looked like a floating rod or chew toy. It sits like pollen spores on open surfaces and then floats to catch in the follicles of my beard until I brush it off with a stroke and it floats to the tip of my nose where it waits to get inside…and then I have to stop.

The doctor fist-bumps me and asks about my ear. I learn it’s just a joint that’s sore from yawning too much. And feel like a dork for going in. Partly as a voyeur, to get a good look inside the clinic, the vibe. All the signs and people sitting off to themselves. Oddly empty feeling too.

We wash and sanitize pretty much everything and tonight I ate some leftover gumbo right before going to bed because I didn’t want to waste it, Depression-era style.

The doctor said just pretend your jaw’s wired shut for a while and don’t use it. We call it Jaw Rest.

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