Of fear and fascination

It is way too early in this thing for me to be getting irritable with my kids while we’re stuck at home. But that I did today, and had to sequester myself with the noise-canceling headphones. I removed my rings and put them in the drawer, then moisturized my hands. Anthony, Mike and I met at the bar and basically said goodbye. It was pretty much dead: they’re a small place, so they had DIY sanitizer you had to shake first and then it came out really wet (not enough aloe). It was funny watching everyone squirt their hands and get it in their eyes as it splashed. We ordered a freezer for the garage and started stocking up on meat. Everyone’s sending around pictures of empty shelves. Finally it hit me in a rational sense this morning, and Dawn and I talked about it. You can bet we’re going to be spending lots of time in the garden this spring, picking it clean. I left the groceries in the garage for a period of time before bringing them inside, they say a staging area is a good idea. That initial bravado I had is gone. There’s a bartender at our local bar and a week ago we shook hands: we gave each other a good, long, manly grip. I said “I’m not scared!,” and squeezed his hand even harder. And he said Here today, gone tomorrow. Just like us!, I said, and we both laughed and then went quiet.

What are you having?

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