No contact pizza

I kind of attacked the pizza with my mouth, grateful for my good teeth and their cutting power. It had eggplant, tomatoes, seasoned cheese. I fed the crust to the dog and swallowed my wine. My beard was getting thick enough I could tug on it in a way that both hurt and felt good at the same time. Some of the plants were dying. We had no excuse, there was nothing much to do. The cat and dog followed us around and napped all day. Now that we were home you could see how much they really slept, how little they “did.” I kept the clocks well wound and pretty much in sync with each other and sometimes they all went off at the same time, like the planets had aligned and it meant something but the truth is it didn’t. I was thickening up around the waist but wore mostly PJs with a string fashioned as a belt.

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  1. every day can be pizza day now that there is no distinction between them

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  2. Photo of the last sentence please. Preferably tugging beard.

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  3. No kidding about the cats. They sleep all day, and then we go to bed at night and they sleep all night. I could never part with my crust, it’s like pizza dessert.

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  4. Things I like about this one: The first sentence. Also, they way you brutally threw “swallowed my wine” in there at the end of the third. And then the beard. I get an image of someone like Henry the V (or is it the VIII? Which one would have been gnawing on a huge turkey leg? That’s the one I want). Or maybe Denethor of Gondor chomping on cherries as his son rides off to probable death. Finally, the past progressive in such a short piece about what is happening right now gives it an unusual feel, like you’re looking back from a future where this is already over when of course it isn’t. A conscious choice or did it just feel right or come out that way? Kudos to you, good sir. Hail fellow well met.

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  5. We order a pizza from the restaurant around the corner every Thursday now…. to support our friends the owners, to feel like we’re having an evening out, and because there’s nothing like cold pizza the next morning for breakfast.

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    • Right! And it’s nice to not feel guilty about doing take-out pizza, it’s now a bit of philanthropy or “supporting my community.” Works out nice for everyone! Hi Jadi and hope you and Uwe are doing well. Pizza is a good comfort, too.


      • Hi Bill, pizza is definitely good comfort food! (see above comment about cold pizza for breakfast the next morning. Food of the gods). The philanthropy angle is bonus points!

        We are doing well all things considered. Germany is reacting rationally as you can imagine. Life feels surreal, Uwe is sorting 1200 photos from Costa Rica and I’m now writing every day. Badly, but that’s not the point. I so admire your ability to produce beautiful posts each day. You’re welcome to come over and see what I’m coming up with. I’d love your feedback. Take care and keep writing.


  6. Real pizza would be pretty good. Now all I can think about is pizza.

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