Let’s move to the country

The night falls in pink tones. Streams of pink-gold through the trees, the sound of a newscaster in the other room, a ticking clock. My blanket and the bell from the cat’s collar. Cherry blossoms weighting down the boughs. Moments of newfound silence like we live in the country now. Broad gaps in time, spaces between events. Faceless days. The news. Weeds, flowers, sunsets, the moon.

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  1. I no longer check my calendar for upcoming events … there aren’t any. “Faceless days” indeed. Just came in from photographing the moon … one predictable pattern. After 6 weeks of isolating and distancing, Austin allowed some stores to re-open Friday May 1 … though many are opting NOT to … braced for a second wave before our first wave has even capped.

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  2. Rich and evocative. A lovely short piece

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  3. Yeah…nature retakes its place and…stateliness

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  4. Nice, Bill, the sense of timelessness, but heightened awareness of colors and sounds.

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  5. At first, I read “the sound of a newscaster in the other room, a ticking bomb…”

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