Filling holes

The firepit, my bloody toe. We slept with all the windows open and it felt like camping. Four years later and we finally moved that mound of soil to the vegetable garden. It takes a global pandemic for us to get around to things. I filled the hole where a cottonwood rotted out, could fit a mid-sized car in that. It took many loads of wood chips and a lot of raking. We tossed bags of weeds and garden clippings in there, the fern fronds I pruned back in March. But it started looking ghetto and I couldn’t take it anymore. I burned all my arm hair off by the fire pit with a bucket of pine cones I dropped in. And walked the yard barefoot looking for the moon but it was nowhere to be seen. The cat caught a baby bunny but we saved it. I let my face get burned thinking it might kill anything that needed killing. And fell asleep to the sound of fans cutting air in equal parts, blade by blade.

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  1. Funny about the moon, isn’t it? One night it’s right there, big as ever. Next night, nothing. It’s like it got cancelled.

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  2. i like the filling the hole project, a good metaphor for life. sometimes it takes a while to get ’round to it. sometimes it never happens.

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  3. Nice, air-by-the-slice, I like that fan/blade idea a lot!

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  4. Fantastic last line! I was coming up on it with high expectations, and you delivered. Now, don’t let it go to your head. As they say, you have to stay grounded and all. 🙂

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    • Ha ha! My head has been gone to already. I’m lucky it’s still connected, thank you that means a lot. These are nutty times. Definitely think that is going to my head, along with many others. Here’s to high expectations my friend.

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    • And actually because you’re into films I’ll share that was inspired by that Deniro movie where he plays the devil. The fan blades spinning in different directions, based on the past or future I think. Unless I imagined that.


  5. Oh, I love a mystery. What bloodied your toe?
    Walking barefoot? Rescuing bunnykins? Walking over the hot coals in some mystic ceremony?
    Ah, I have it! Lying on your bed, kicking up your heels, fan blade hits toe. Am I warm?

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  6. I know there were lines between the first one and the last one, but that’s what stuck. Only Bill…

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