“Because this moment simply is”

Trapped in the amber of the moment. We are. Like that line from the Vonnegut book, flies stuck in a block of rust-colored wax, blobs of polished amber. Of indeterminate proportion. Lily shaved her eyebrows off. I ate cold chicken with my fingers. The cat got the baby bunny and left it on the stoop. All night long the pitter-patter of rain like microwave popcorn popping in a bag. And sweet bird cries, occasional cars. The long swoosh of sounds like we’re somewhere very far away, the country. The distance and separation becomes so normal it’s unsettling when you do see someone. What could they want? The fawn wags her tail when she chews in our garden, she senses someone watching her from inside. Someone trapped by the window picking dead flies from the sills.

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  1. Determined cats are hard on bunnies. And anoles. But our cat is (involuntarily) giving her tormentees a break for 10 days … as she cones it indoors recovering from a fight with one of her own kind. (He lives down the block, visits our catnip plant under cover of dark, and we didn’t bring the catnip defender indoors early enough on Mother’s Day. Now we have a cat covered in ginger fur except for her lacerated butt … looking ridiculous on both ends – butt and head. She does still have her eyebrows …) I wonder if the anoles summoned the other cat to come do this!

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  2. Subterranean rivers can also be the result of covering over a river or diverting its flow into culverts, usually as part of urban development. Reversing this process is known as daylighting a stream


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  3. I was smiling so much after the opening line that it took me a couple of tries to get to the moment captured;

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  4. ‘trapped in the amber of the moment.’ perfectly said.

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  5. Our cat also left 1/2 young rabbit in the driveway the other day, the cat is elderly but still savage, I guess his DNA and ours, are also a kind of amber, can’t change our essential nature.

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  6. Very nice, this one. Poignant. Poetic prose. Prosy poetry.

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    • It sounds worse than it is but I kept it that way for fictional value. I guess there’s this thing where people shave like a quarter of it off (on the outside of the brow) so as to make them look a bit more pointed and pronounced. It risks having a Jack o’ lantern quality. But looks good on her somehow. It’s a “thing.” Why? I’m not going there. I sound old enough already.

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  7. “Lily shaved her eyebrows off.” Boy, am I glad I don’t have kids…

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  8. The last line is pretty Hitchcockian. I pictured Norman Bates at the window with the flies.

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