The self-care hair problem

My hair never would have grown out like this. I sometimes put on a collared shirt for video meetings but never turn my camera on, our bandwidth can’t support it. We’re in an area of compromised nodes, our ISP says. It was never intended to support all these people home gaming, streaming, video conferencing. What else is there to do. Fix the fucking internet. Send more things to my front door and then be off. Incense, resistance bands, puzzles, books. This week we all went nuts. The kids’ sleep cycles turned upside down. Now, a foreshadowing of a hair cut I got from a different time, how poorly it’s grown out. Hair. People demanding access to their stylists for root touch-ups. My rights! We are so revealed by our base, selfish instincts. Send more pizza and beer: more bandwidth. And incense. Spare the world of us. There is no protection from the careless, diseased self-interests of man.

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  1. I read this one and the previous one back to back, no down time, just chugged right into it. Striking difference in tone and mood. I like how you capture the feeling of the moment(s).

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    • Cheers man. I’m feeling a bit manic. Not unusual I bet. Something came undone this week. Let’s keep going, chug right through as you say. Thanks for reading…


  2. Glad your internet supports your blogging! I have to chuckle reading this one … I’ve made a sort of game out of looking for things to be grateful for during this pandemic … one is that I had the umph to let my bangs grow out and have my hair all one length again (accomplished finally in February, thinking then I’d get a trim again in May) … now I’m thinking it can just grow indefinitely … I’ll have a pony tail again maybe. Guys can have it both ways – long or buzz cut all over your head (my son’s solution) … actually, I saw pics of women doing that also. I sorta like the casualness of this current lifestyle.

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    • Ha thanks for the encouragement there Jazz. And this is a good time to let it go, whatever we can (like the hair). Glad you’re embracing it, there can be good in all moments (more or less), right? Thanks for reading and be well.

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  3. Good portrait! “Compromised Nodes” wow, that’s tough, sounds like a really uncomfortable medical condition, doctor doctor give me the news.

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  4. Some days I feel the impending doom and think, “Oh, can we just get it over with!” Thanks for the reads, this morning.

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  5. The other day I stumbled across a picture of me from late February. Damn, my hair was short! Probably a good thing…

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    • Hi Dave! Nice to hear from you. Man these are strange times. Gets kind of normal, then gets strange again. Just happened like that for me now. Here’s to you…

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