Touching from a distance

Well, this weekend I trimmed my toenails and put out the flag. We didn’t make any plans. I moved a knobby round of firewood up to the fire pit so we could use it as a side table. And broke down cardboard from the outdoor furniture we got. That big Doug spruce we had taken out because a root pushed the patio up and messed with the alignment of the hot tub so we had the hot tub taken out too, but the patio area beneath it was now a different color than the rest of the patio (which had seen sun and rain and abuse), so we covered that spot with an outdoor rug and put in an outdoor room with a trellis to screen off the neighbors. I boiled a chicken carcass and ordered no contact pizza, tipped well, added a bottle of red to our order. Dawn and I felt for a moment that we were okay with this, we weren’t far away from remote already. I read the Joy Division book for my weekly book club meeting with Anthony. The singer’s wife wrote a book about their lives together and it’s named after a line in a song that goes, “touching from a distance, further all the time.”

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  1. Touching from a distance … that’s pretty much it these days.

    I look forward to when I can give a friend a hug again.

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  2. I’m looking forward to not working Thursdays so I can the Wednesday evening Transmissions.

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  3. I’m really enjoying your photos lately. I find myself just wanting to stare at them for awhile. Good stuff.

    I should probably trim my toenails too.

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    • Nice! Thanks! That was a business card from a very special artist person I met in Germany. Does printer block stuff and book pressings and so on. Thanks for noting that Homer!


  4. yeah, the outdoor room

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  5. Trees grow minute amounts, year by year, abruptly culminating in some not so minute destruction, no?

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  6. Sometimes not having a plan is the best way to get a lot done. I’m just sorry you had to lose the hot tub, even if you did come up with a creative way to cover up the new spot.

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    • I know, the not having a plan part. Was sad to lose the hot tub but nice to get a new room out of it! I love reclaimed spaces. Hope this finds you well Christopher and nice to hear from you!

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  7. That’s one of the saddest lines I’ve ever heard.

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    • Yes, it is! Boy the more I read about some of these artists with mental problems the more upsetting it is, the lack of awareness or help perhaps. That was 1980, too. He was just 23!

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