After all the jacks are in their boxes

I’ve been off for two weeks now. God, I love being off! A chance to unwind and relax, to live without the stress and distraction of work. Greens and purples in the garden to greet the new season. The dog gets a nylon bone from her basket and I make her howl. It takes forever to get dark and then it gets light again before 5. I get my hair cut for the first time since February on Saturday. I grew lamb chops just like an American president! We have two teenaged girls now and all of us are going a bit nuts. It’s not age as much as it is attitude. I medicate with wine and age fast like the dog, whitening around the jaws. I try to appreciate poetry but don’t like needing things explained to me. Life shouldn’t be so hard, nor should art!

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  1. teenagers. enough said. and I like your tableau.

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  2. John Quincy Adams? Martin Van Buren? Al Gore? What look are we goin’ with here. Maybe order a top hat like Slash to complete the effect.
    I like the tableau, too, is that a really big badminton birdie on the right? Why the heck is badminton spelled that way, had to look it up. Yeah, I think a lot of us will end up going a bit nuts.

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  3. We’re going to need a pic before you get that haircut

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  4. If I can force myself to sit down with some poetry, I don’t mind not knowing. At least there’s the music and the rhythm of the words. And it’s a quick hit, right? Just spent, I think, a month, slogging through White Teeth by Zadie Smith. Same thing: I liked the sounds but missed the point. No book should take that long.
    Hey, I’m back. Liked the camping piece too.

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    • Hey you’re back! Welcome back and thanks for sharing your disdain of poetry with me. Same boat, the way you put it. Happy Thursday, it’s “Ross day!”


      • I think “force” was too strong a word. I like poetry, but it’s like setting out to do those pushups; it’s not my natural inclination but what’s I’m down on the floor, I’m in.

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