Terror twilight

The bobcat in our yard must have disrupted the balance because everyone was talking about it from the crows to the neighbor dogs to the lesser birds and bats. They were all peeping and cheeping and the crows, with that bad language they do so well. Now the bobcat, he or she just pranced on by uncaring, a little stub of a tail sticking up like an antenna. It went inside the overgrowth for a time and then I got the cat inside. And then it moved down to the neighbors and the crows tracked it like the media might, gawking and squawking from the treetops.

At the very end of the day when the sun goes down it turns the tops of the tall trees gold and the puffy clouds pink-orange. There is no one around. The windows are open so I can hear when the clocks chime and there’s the thought of work, but not the pressing kind. I move slower in the mornings it seems. But I look forward to the fall and all that comes with it, the moving on. The culling that comes with the end of the season in a pile of organic debris: you can burn it, or let it disappear in the garden beds.

The days bled into one another. The tractor crapped out and I tried to troubleshoot it with the owner’s manual, but I gave up and cut the lawn by hand with an electric mower and a long extension cord. The cord had to be managed the way you might a rope on a glacier, stepping over it with care, gathering it by hand, meting it out length by length.

And so the days spooled out like that, the garden hose stretched out and reeled back in again, the slow loss of light. The odd hastening to a time we imagined might be different, if only the same again.

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  1. Nice! Your recent posts have been full of very engaging imagery and language, the words seem to be meted out very thoughtfully, if that’s not inappropriate praise for stream-of-consciousness writing. “Mete” has a nice historical/judicial sound to it, that makes us notice and consider such mundane things & tasks as dealing with electrical cords & garden hoses. I generally create a mess of knots and kinks, followed by tripping. You’re a Steely Dan fan, aren’t you? Reelin’ in the years.
    And a bobcat!!! wow. I’d appreciate the raucous crows for once, as the Neighborhood Watch, or the News 10 Eye-in-the Sky helicopter, as you suggest — they’re alway so obnoxious when they’re all yelling at once, I’m sure they’re all reincarnations of Brooklynites, but I also get a kick out of them, they’re intelligent. And they’ve no doubt seen it all, and agree, same old same old. Rainy again here, hoping for a thunderstorm to clear out the mugginess

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    • Of course I thought of that Steely Dan song, how could I not? Best guitar lick ever, the way it cuts in at the start. Yeah, good thing we at least have this view from our back yard to keep us sane. Happy you like the word mete, it feels the days are doled out like that. Sure many are feeling similarly…wishing you that storm will break through and give you a break from the mugginess. I think crows are nature’s janitors, how they keep the roadsides clean…or nature’s thugs, the way they talk to one another. They just need cigarettes.

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  2. How I love the way you narrate with romance and making it a compelling read, connecting the thread in our soul and imagination.

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  3. Nice! The old man and I have been taking in the light towards the end of the day from the new hot tub. We can always tell when the owls are about thanks to the robins. They are a brigade of fearless fighters, those robins, but like the bobcat, the owl pays them no mind at all. Seems you have a pretty good slice of nature up there in your hood. Gotta love the PNW for these gifts. Love the “spooling out” of days likened to the reeling out and in again of the garden hose. Glad you’re into enjoying the time of the season Bill. Now I’m thinkin of that song. Might have to fo and give it a listen. DMB does a nice version.

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    • Do the time of the season, it’s the best! Happy to hear about the new hot tub, that’s fab…and funny we live where we do, we can “soak in July!” Here’s to that!

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  4. Bill, sadly I wasn’t able to comment on your most recent text, but I absolutely loved it. I included you in a list of blog recommendations that I made static in my blog. No award or anything, there’s nothing you ought to do, but I’m informing you merely because you might not want your blog recommended and might want to remove the mention. Let me know if such is the case!

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    • Hey there! Thanks for letting me know about that comment issue…so annoying, sometimes that just happens. I fixed it. And thanks for the lovely endorsement, that’s awesome! I was secretly hoping you might comment because I really dig your writing and am psyched we met up here. Very nice…be well and enjoy the evening. Thanks for the encouragement Joao-Maria, means a lot! Bill

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