Connected to the land like a severed hand

Summer ran down. The mosquitoes had no need for me, my blood was bad. They sat on me with their proboscises out but couldn’t get it in. But the flies! Flies all over me, mistaken me for dead, for excrement. We had a bear walk right up the road (Lily got a picture of it) to check out the cherry tree. It’s hard to tell if the relationship between the cat and the neighborhood crows is friendly or adversarial. Some follow her around, hoping for the remains of whatever bird or bunny she’s maimed and lost interest in. The flies come for the last of the cherries, the small bits on the stone. And there’s something nice about that: in nature there’s a place for everyone.

We used to go to bars, we’d always have two drinks and occasionally, three. I’d drive home on the interstate with the sun roof open to let the air in. I’d take the exit and the roundabout and then climb the hill past the school, the park and ride and finally, our place. That’s all a memory now…a long goodbye.

When I tan, the color of my skin is less brown and more of a sweet vermouth that’s gone off, a bit ruddy. I sat pretty smug on our chaise lounge with my Friday cocktail, the grapefruit I use for a drink garnish looking compromised with strips of its skin removed like one of those African diseases or the singer Seal’s complexion. Some tribal rites thing, my grapefruit.

We look at each other now in boxes on screens with our drinks, and text photos at night. I prepped a camp fire and propped the kindling in a triangle and ordered a pizza on my app. It’s Friday! Soon the lawn will brown and we’ll be wondering what’s next. In nature there’s a place for everyone, in politics, not.

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  1. Yup! Would love to watch the cat and crows …
    Would love to see a few politicians literally eaten up by cats or crows or mosquitoes or flies or anything that could stomach them!

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  2. Wondering what is next. Can it get any more absurd? It’s already like a parody of real life, the media crazies, the first family a parody of a first family, like the movie Mars Attacks. ACK ACK.

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  3. If nature gave birth to us, and we gave birth to politics, does that mean nature is to blame for politics? And is that kind of like machines we build becoming sentient and turning on us? (Please don’t try too hard to make sense of what I’m saying — I’m not.)

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  4. A campari spritz, a negroni, grapefruit and bitter herbs.

    Missing my local on Friday night where they smoked BBQ out back on a half barrel and served breakfast all day, all night until closing. Last time in early March with the old work crew, when the university’s women won the PAC12 basketball championships, and we bumped elbows and laughed, no masks.

    In the before-time, still that long goodbye

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    • Gosh that’s a lush comment. Shucks. From ours to yours, Kim: get this! I mixed Ancho Reyes with Mezcal and yellow Chartreuse with lime juice. Grapefruit garnish. I’m kind of feeling high, like I’ve abused pain killers. Anyhow, put on some Metallica and raise me a toast would you? Thanks for this, always great to hear from you! Bill


  5. That’s some pigment you got there, sonny.

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