Life’s rich pageant

For two weeks I ate the same sandwich from the 5 lb butt I smoked, pulled pork with pickles. Then I started ordering albums off Amazon without keeping track, and every day it was like Christmas as I backfilled my collection from the 80s I gave away. I got a new sleeping bag and an all-weather shelter that’s basically a $200 tarp but looks cooler. The kids started school and all four of us spent the day on Microsoft Teams in separate rooms. The bandwidth was fucked. We all blipped out and froze or got dropped. I fantasized about what I’d do when my contract ends in late September. I’d be going out in the woods with my new shelter and sleeping bag. As much beer as I could carry. A book and my phone.

Everything in the yard was limp and starting to sag. I didn’t have the time or energy to water. The frisbee and football sat on the bench untouched and I left them there like stage props. All we had to do to unclog the unwanted food in the deli section of the fridge was to unpack all the leftover cheese, tortillas and herbs but that seemed too hard so we just kept adding more shit on top. I picked the lint out of my navel and finished my wine shirtless on the chaise lounge as the hose gagged and the coals smoked. The corn was getting tough. We had our first morning with fog. I saw three coyotes in the morning run down the road, one with a spotted tail. I forgot the difference between the spelling, tale or tail, and dropped the shades when it got dark to keep out the moon. I dreamt I was at my old job but didn’t recognize anyone, not a soul.

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  1. That picture prompted me to fire up Crooked Rain. I spent a summer in the 90s addicted to that album, listening constantly. I haven’t listened to it at all since then. Unlike most albums I’ve fallen in love with that feel great when I go back to them, this one, well… it kind of makes me ache unpleasantly. Could be it’s hardwired with a very special relationship that went South that summer. But then so should Being There, and it’s not. That one doesn’t sting like this one. I can’t quite figure it out. Nice pic of Ms. Box by the way. And I’m curious about Monkey 47.

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    • Good eye, good ear. Me with disabled comments again like some dumb fuck and apt. I love their albums and Malkmus is one of a few Id want to meet and have dinner with, seems a genuinely good dude. Lives in Portland I Think. Here’s to the good times, saved by old times. Thanks for engaging man I appreciate it. Tipping one your way. Bill

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    • Monkey 47 is over-priced craft gin. Nice bottle though!

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  2. I am sure you will land a better job. A break is surely a must exploring life on busy roads, in the wild and making the most. I had a busy booze week, with beer, Vodka, gin and today Whisky. Do well my friend and your words compel to read.

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  3. I keep fucking up your/you’re. I can only blame it on autocorrect for so much longer.

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